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SAP HANA is the Platform for Next-Generation Applications and Analytics

Accelerate the pace of innovation with SAP HANA – an in-memory platform that runs analytics applications smarter, business processes faster, and data infrastructures simpler…SAP HANA is the foundation for all your data needs, removing the burden of maintaining separated legacy systems and siloed data, so you can run simple in this new digital economy.





Customer Business Value

➤  Accelerate Database Processing

    Process transactions and analytics against a single copy of data in-memory for real-time insight

➤  Deliver More Intelligence

    Use advanced analytical processing for deeper insight into the past, present, and future

➤  Create Next-Generation Applications

    Design and deploy intuitive applications to deliver the right information at the right time to business users

➤  Integrate All Types of Data

    Access large volumes of data from a variety of sources to unlock insights never seen before

➤  Simplify Your IT Environment

    Reduce complexity with an unified, yet open, platform on premise or in the cloud

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