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Enterprise Information Management

Growing use of digital technologies is creating massive volumes of data. It’s also opening new business opportunities for companies that are able to treat information as a corporate asset. When carefully managed, thoughtfully governed, strategically used, and sensibly controlled, information can be transformative. SAP solutions for enterprise information management (EIM) support the critical abilities to architect, integrate, improve, manage, associate, and archive all information. By effectively managing enterprise information, your organization can improve its business outcomes. You can better understand and retain customers, work better with suppliers, achieve compliance while controlling risk, and provide internal transparency to drive operational and strategic decisions.

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  • Capture, analyze, and act on a continuous flow of new business information. Monitor real-time data streams, identify emerging threats and opportunities – and respond immediately. With our complex event stream processing platform, you can:

  • Run real-time stream processing and analytics on huge volumes of complex event data
  • Extract actionable information from event streams and generate alerts when fast action is needed
  • Initiate automatic responses to changing conditions based on a single event, or a combination of events
  • Quickly develop applications with built-in complex event processing capabilities

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We specialize in developing and delivering SAP EIM solutions, having a  specialist team with a strong background in finance and expertise in delivering complex EIM projects. With years of hands-on experience, we collaborate with our customers to experience and offer expertise on associated enabling software solutions.