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Enterprise Performance Management Study: 2016 and Beyond

Many companies have made significant progress in their Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) in the past years, but recent crises have again been strongly demanding for management processes, methods and systems. Against this background, questions about development status, trends and best practices are of high importance. Many CFOs and Heads of Accounting or Controlling would like a detailed comparison with other companies:

  • How quick and accurate is the reporting of other companies?
  • What measures are reported how often and to whom?
  • How many people are working on particular tasks?
  • How are the underlying processes structured?
  • What IT systems are best suited for the intended purposes?
  • What improvements have the most valuable impact?

Comprehensive answers to these and many other questions can be obtained in our updated study “Enterprise Performance Management – 2016 and beyond”, conducted by the members of EPM International. Please register to download the report.


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