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Predictive Analytics

Re-imagine your business processes for the digital economy using a predictive factory-based approach and techniques to optimize resources and improve margins. 

  • Model Management builds thousands of business processes powered by predictive insights using model management
  • Predictive Modeling creates high-performance predictive models with automated techniques or by selecting your own algorithm
  • Predictive Data Management reduces the time needed to prepare and manage predictive data sets dramatically using just clicks
  • Scoring reduce the cost and latency of applying models to new data through in-database scoring
  • Predictive Network and Link Analysis extract and explore links between your customers and social influencers



SAP predictive analytics software can help you:

  • Accelerate decisions with automated predictive techniques and results
  • Deploy and manage thousands of predictive data sets and models cost effectively
  • Scale to mass adoption level by bringing insights where people interact – in processes and applications

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MDS ap offers SAP SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics solution licenses, consultancy and Rapid Deployment implementation services with a strong focus on integration of processes and Data Science.  Our certified Predictive Analytics experts are here to help you build engaging experience and deploy a BI culture across your organization. Working with SAP,  we provide your with one of the most integrated and widely deployed sets of complementary Predictive tools in the industry.