circle SAP Intercompany Reconciliation (ICR)

SAP Intercompany Reconciliation (ICR)

SAP Intercompany Reconciliation (ICR) provides you with periodic control over accounting documents that describe the accounting transactions within a corporate group. Designed to reduce the differences in corporate group consolidation, this application in Financial Accounting allows early analysis in the closing process to avoid differences altogether and to reduce the deadline pressure that normally arises during the end of a closing period.

ICR operates on the level of companies and its trading partners. To avoid currency conversion differences, the documents are reconciled in the transaction currency. Both individual companies and their parent companies benefit from ICR. Individual companies benefit from paired documents because they need to ensure that their own documents from accounting transactions correspond to the documents of internal trading partners. This helps avoid delays and disputes when payments are processed. Their parent companies can then make a global check on the reconciliation results for all the companies.

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