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SAP Complex Event Processing

Capture, analyze and act on real-time event streams – with our complex event processing platform

Analyze and act on events as they happen with SAP Event Stream Processor. This award-winning complex event processing (CEP) platform delivers real-time stream processing and analytics. Maximize responsiveness and agility, take full advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) – and develop new applications with embedded CEP functionality.


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Because it lets you capture, analyze, and act on a continuous flow of new business information. Monitor real-time data streams, identify emerging threats and opportunities – and respond immediately. With our complex event stream processing platform, you can:

  • Run real-time stream processing and analytics on huge volumes of
  • complex event data
  • Extract actionable information from event streams and generate
  • alerts when fast action is needed
  • Initiate automatic responses to changing conditions based on a
  • single event, or a combination of events
  • Quickly develop applications with built-in complex event processing
  • capabilities