SAP Commerce Cloud

    SAP Commerce cloud is a cloud solution for commerce that offers a personalized, comprehensive e-commerce experience with end-to-end unified commerce processes.

    • Reduce your total cost of ownership and simplify your commerce setup
    • Boost and increase team's productivity
    • Support end-to-end e-commerce processes, including promotions, cart checkout, order management, and product content and experience management.
    • Reach a unified integration and interaction with components built natively on the same platform 
    • Support all go-to-market models
    • Accelerate your time-to-value with built-in, industry-specific capabilities including financial services, travel, telecommunications, media, and public sector.
    • Opportunity to benefit from many prebuilt integrations with SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP, SAP Customer Experience solutions, and other SAP applications.



    Benefits and Features

    • Omni-channel capabilities
    • Creating an exceptional customer experience by delivering a consistent commerce experience across all your go-to-market models
    • Deliver unique commerce experiences that differentiate you from the rest
    • No need to build and maintain integrations between your B2C and B2B commerce platforms anymore
    • Using a single digital platform will drastically increase your organization's agility
    • Reduce your cost and risk of ownership with one digital commerce platform
    • Leverage extensive industry-specific capabilities
    • Follow built-in best practices embedded within industry-specific accelerators
    • Provide a personalized experience with end-to-end commerce processes for more transparent and customer-centric commerce experiences
    • Ability to integrate your commerce platform with your core SAP applications and reduce both our cost and risks.
    • Speed up your time-to-value by reducing effort while integrating your commerce platform to your core SAP business systems
    • Faster innovation to market in order to make the best out of opportunities without being constrained by your commerce platform
    • Extend the platform to meet your specific requirements with less cost and without buying more niche solutions