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    SAP Intelligent RobotIC Process Automation

    MDSap-RPASAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation is a responsive approach for accelerating manual processes; it helps automate repetitive manual processes. Its main function is to create, schedule, manage, and monitor intelligent bots.

    The SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation predicts and auto-fills metadata to suggest the best analysis and responses. The robotic process automation tools enable automation of repetitive or manual tasks and improve customers’ experience.

    SAP Intelligent RPA combines the strength of machine learning, conversational AI, and APIs to deliver intelligent process automation for enterprises. Machine learning and AI brings cognitive reasoning and decision-making into bots, enabling them to analyze, decide, react, and learn.

    SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation services help you redirect resources toward high-value activities and processes.



    Benefits and Features

    • Desktop-based Process Automation Design
    • Cloud-based Process Automation Assembly and deployment
    • Integration of third-party technologies
    • Script-based and workflow-based process automation design
    • OCR Connector for Surface Control
    • Cloud-based Monitoring and Dash-boarding
    • Business Activity Monitoring
    • Multiple language support
    • Bots development with a step-by-step sequence and set of dependencies
    • Automation steps reusability for bots development
    • Bots intelligence through APIs and machine-learning services.
    • RPA bots availability to publish or consume according to your business needs.
    • Historical execution and statistics data for bot-operation.
    • Preconfigured content and predefined bots facilitate migration to SAP S/4HANA.
    • Manage every aspect of your RPA bots
    • Future-proof core for ongoing relevance
    • APIs structured to improve bot performance and continuity
    • Automation with prebuilt bots for SAP software
    • Reduction of repetitive and manual activities