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    SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise - ASE

    SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise enables you to transform, increase, and manage your online transaction, on location or in the cloud.

    This high-performance SQL is a relational management model database server designed to meet rising demand for performance, reliability, and efficiency in every industry.



    Benefits and Features

    • Lower cost, simplify operations, and improve efficiency and productivity with workload analyzer and workload profiler for built-in high availability and disaster recovery, and resource optimizations.
    • Fast transfer of database to another device with greater ease.
    • Digital signing of executables providing high security for your files.
    • Multiversion Concurrency Control MVCC allows concurrent access to a database without a need to overwrite the original data. The data being modified will only be visible to the transaction that created it until it is committed.
    • SAP ASE Advanced monitoring system enables users to simplify existing procedures to return information about all current users and processes.
    • Maintain system security and shield your data and systems from cyber-security threats and unexpected disruptions. 
    • On-premise and cloud deployment options
    • Ability to process mission-critical transactions with dedicated, accurate and high performance.
    • Reduce risk and increase agility using this proven, secure SQL database system.
    • Lower operational costs with a resource-efficient relational database (RDBMS) server