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Jesteśmy zaszczyceni ze współpracy z Orange Polska w projekcie DWH modeling & Data Governance.

MDS ap w Orange Polska wdrożyło rozwiązanie SAP PowerDesigner, wspierając inicjatywę DWH Modeling i Data Governance.

Case study można przeczytać poniżej lub pobrać w wersji PDF TUTAJ.


About Orange Polska S.A.

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Industry: Telco
SAP Solutions and Services: SAP PowerDesigner
Scope: Data Models Repository and Data Modeling Tool
Integrator: MDS ap
Orange Poland is the leader of the telecommunication market in Poland. The largest mobile operator and internet provider in Poland, Member of Orange Group.
Portfolio of services include:
» Mobile telephony including LTE
» Broadband also in FTTH technology 
» Landline telephony
» TV, energy and banking offer
» ICT and network security services


• DWH Data Model development consistent with information model driven by data governance.
• Team collaboration improvement during intensive DWH 
  modeling works.
• Enabling knowledge sharing about data in DWH among data architects, business data users, and data stewards.

Challenges and Opportunities

• Data models exist in different CASE tools and source/target mappings in multiple Excel files. Difficult to keep all data models consistent and integrated with one another.
• Required CASE tool should not only provide typical data modeling functionalities but also support data governance
   initiative as a centralized data knowledge repository.

Project Highlights

• Design of modeling methodology covering modeling objects metamodel, roles, responsibilities and teamwork principles.
• Implementation of Orange modeling methodology into SAP PowerDesigner.
• Migration of models and mappings from CASE tools and multiple Excel files into SAP PowerDesigner.

Data Knowledge

Data Knowledge in the form of data models is stored and available for all data users in a single repository. Models are intervisible by mappings. Especially, 
detailed information on how customer data are processed can be now stored and shared.

Data Modeling Works Effectiveness

SAP PowerDesigner has proven itself in modeling huge data models for the data warehouse. Modeling works were conducted iteratively in Agile mode and in parallel by
many projects.

Data Governance

SAP PowerDesigner was also used to build business glossary and information model and to link them to data models.

Impact Analysis

Can be performed both across modeling levels (business, logical, physical) and across layers (source/ target mappings).

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