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SAP Replication Server

SAP Replication Server: Power real-time data integration and movement

Get real-time data updates from anywhere in your enterprise – with SAP Replication Server. This data provisioning software from Sybase delivers seamless data management, movement, integration, and synchronization to satisfy a host of mission-critical needs. Use it for high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR), lightning-fast data distribution, quick decision making, and more.




Because you can move, manage, and integrate data from the most popular SAP and non-SAP data sources in real time – feeding your IT investments with high quality data that’s always where you need it to be. With our data replication software, you can:

  • Ensure your distributed IT landscape is reliable, stable, and always available
  • Maintain business continuity with “zero downtime” disaster recovery solutions
  • Move up-to-the-second production data into SAP HANA for real-time reporting
  • Keep data synchronized across diverse database environments to maintain local performance
  • Perform database migrations without interrupting operations

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