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Enterprise Architecture


PowerDesigner modelling methodology

One of key strengths of SAP PowerDesigner is the ability to support various rules and methodological requirements of customers by huge customization and automation possibilities. Together with wide scope of the modelled areas (Enterprise architecture, Business processes, Data modelling, UML modelling etc.), PowerDesigner provides enormously effective environment for modelling, that allows customers to focus on the true nature of their goals and at the same time letting PowerDesigner to take care of both formal and routine tasks.

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  • Aligns business and IT using link-and-sync technology to create connections between requirements, business language, processes, applications and data.
  • Improves team productivity by implementing and automating customer`s rules and letting people focus on the core nature of their challenges.
  • Breaks down silos of data and creates a 360-degree view of customer`s information assets.
  • Centralization of multiple metadata sources simplifies cooperation of team members and improves their efficiency.
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